Our Homes

Who We Support

We provide a safe, stable and happy environment to those requiring support in later life, creating a place they can call home.

Our Approach

We provide high quality care to all our residents. The most important aspect of this is the quality and professionalism of the people who provide that care. 

Our Teams

Careful recruitment, good training and respect maintains excellent staff retention and can create an ambience of continuity and community.

Our principal aim at South West Care Homes

Provide the highest quality of care, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment where individuality, dignity and quality of life are paramount to all residents. We aim to promote a way of life for our residents that permits them to safely enjoy, to the greatest extent possible, their rights as individual human beings.

To ensure that the persons care is planned and delivered in a way that fulfils their needs, and safeguard’s their wellbeing.

To ensure that the person receives care and treatment from staff who have received training, and understand the conditions, including dementia, that residents are living with.

To liaise with multi-disciplinary teams for external support.

To ensure that the person is treated with dignity and respect at all times, whilst maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

To facilitate individuals to exercise their rights, to make choices in relation to the activities of daily living, and to ensure they have an advocate if they don’t have capacity.

To ensure that the person feels safe and secure in an environment which promotes orientation and security by providing clear signage and sensory stimulation.

To ensure that the person is treated as an individual, promoting equality and diversity at all times.

To provide high-quality care at end of life, maintaining the person’s spiritual needs and providing effective pain assessment and management.


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